The Vision

Fleming Pointe at Eagle Mountain Lake is land that was once home to jubilant gatherings. Where two of Fort Worth’s most distinguished families regularly came together to celebrate all the best life had to offer.

The Walshes and Flemings, dynasties of Fort Worth, cherished this piece of Texas heaven.

Its rolling hills, majestic cliffs, and quaint little valleys played host to all manner of special occasions, picnics, and outings.

Immediately recognized the uniqueness and special character of the property. We fell in love with every aspect of its features and location, the very same way the original family members had decades ago.

More importantly, we shared the heirs’ conviction that the land be respected and treasured and continue its legacy as a family-oriented oasis. So much so that he’s planning his own forever home here.

Now, thanks to the vision of Fleming Pointe and the heirs, Fleming Pointe will be preserved in all its grandeur, while also becoming home to a limited number of very fortunate families.

Will yours be one of them?

Fleming Point Landscape Concept 020722-1