FLEMING POINTE at Eagle Mountain Lake

Be still…and listen.

Do you hear it?  The history of this place. Peals of laughter. Shouts of excitement. Sounds of happiness. And unbridled joy. It’s land once home to jubilant gatherings. A secluded, natural wonder…where two families regularly came together to celebrate all the best life had to offer. Holidays. Special occasions. Picnics and outings. 

The Walshes and Flemings, dynasties of Fort Worth, cherished this one-of-kind piece of heaven.With its rolling hills. Majestic cliffs. And quaint little valleys. Where waves lap gently on a private beach. Wind stirs through groves of mature oaks.While overhead, hawks carve silent circles against a bright, blue Texas sky.

It’s a place where the solitude is as grand as the scenery. With unspoiled vistas reminiscent of the Hill Country.  Yet situated mere minutes from downtown Fort Worth. 

It’s Fleming Pointe on Eagle Mountain Lake